Who doesn't love biscuits?

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked biscuits warm from the oven. Take your first bite. Result : deliciously sinful!

Biscuits (and tea) have always been at the heart of Britain. Perfect little treats to be enjoyed with family and friends, the fine art of biscuit dunking, combined with laughter and great conversations about life and the weather! Quintessentially British.

There is so much pleasure in baking and a great sense of warmth about a home filled with the aroma of freshly baked goodies - a perfect way to spoil the people near and dear to you. Baked By Me would love to share this joy with you by offering you a handy standby for stress free baking!

There are less of us that have the free time or inclination to bake. If you have never baked before, don't despair. Baked By Me jars are designed to help turn beginners into bakers!

Baking together with your children is a wonderful activity and a brilliant way to spend some quality time together. Baked By Me jars couldn't make it any easier. They are so convenient to get your child 'baking' with you.

Our beautiful and fun jars are the perfect little presents for both children and adults! Each jar comes complete with simple baking instructions. All you need to add is butter and an egg!

1) Mix

2) Bake

3) Eat! 

Have fun baking!

Our packaging

Charmingly packaged and presented in glass storage jars. The jars we use are durable and topped with a glass lid and rubber seal which makes perfect preservation from air and moisture.

We care about the environment and would like to reduce the environmental impact of our jars.  Please do reuse your glass jars, from freezer to countertop! 

Our range

Our current Baked By Me baking mix range includes:

  •  White Chocolate Mocha Cookie Mix
  •  Strawberry Mocha Cookie Mix
  •  Caramel Mocha Cookie Mix
  •  White Chip Chocolate Cookie Mix
  •  Strawberry Chocolate Cookie Mix
  •  Caramel Chocolate Cookie Mix
  •  Triple Chocolate Toblerone Cookie Mix
  •  Oatmeal & Raisin Cookie Mix
  •  Marvellous Maltesers Cookie Mix

Our ingredients

Baked By Me cookie mixes are made with the finest ingredients. There are no additives or preservatives to prolong shelf life. 

We use high quality Belgian chocolate for all our jars. We also provide exciting flavours by using coloured and flavoured chips such as strawberry and caramel. All chocolate chips used are made with the finest cocoa beans and 100% pure cocoa butter.